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Jumat, 22 Februari 2013


Hello fella mistery, ...
happy holiday .. anyway I want to ask, .. gini holiday you going for a walk where the hell? want to be with nature? or you want to go home grandmother? L0L, ... seem to have used that place if we just that, ..
guys, .. I had no idea a cool tourist spot for you the mystery fella, ..
anyway, .. This place is well suited for the young guys who want the feel rasain yet cheaper abroad and do not have much money but quite enjoyable and that would be very nice what more if you invite your spouse hehehee, .. so sweet guaranteed to be fun hehehe ..
i wanna bring you go to KEDIRI

guys, ..
for all the good fella mistery well ya see,.
This time we will discuss about one of the city's most prized monument kediri, .. I certainly wkwkwkkk
name is the intersection of the five monuments Gumul kediri
and,. here it is, ...

Monument Gumul Simpang Lima is one of the new icons of the local attractions that exist in Kediri. Located at the crossroads of the south to the Wates / boarding, to Gurah East - North to the ceiling - the northeast to Pare - and way out west to the town of Kediri. The initial purpose built Simpang Lima Gumul (SLG) is a new economic center in the district of Kediri. So expect more advanced Kediri economy.

As an iconic monument built like L'Arch de Triomphe Paris. People called Simpang Lima kediri Gumul the Kaaba Kediri.

For if through the Simpang Lima Gumul should muteri monument and square like the Ka'bah. Very often the people who passed on because excessive lane going around the turn.

Construction of the monument began in 2003. Regent Kediri originator is current, Sutrisno. This monument is precisely located in the village of Monument Rejo, District Ngasem. Some say the monument is inspired from "Jongko Jojoboyo" King of Kediri XII century who wanted to unite the five regions in Kediri.

Physically this Gumul monument Simpang Lima area of ​​804 square meters with a building height to 25 feet and three ladders riveted as high as 3 meters from the ground floor. These figures illustrate the date, month, year, anniversary Kediri, ie March 25 804 AD. In all four sides of the monument there are statues of Ganesha, the symbol of Kediri regency.
What's in the monument SLG? Its contents are spaces for meetings and hall in the main auditorium on the top floor which is similar roofed dome (dome), multipurpose room in the "basement", dioramas upstairs, minimarket selling souvenirs on the floor below. This monument also has three access roads leading underground monuments connected to the basement of the parking lot.

Other facilities at the Simpang Lima Gumul is Convention Hall or convention center (under construction) in the south of the monument, Mall (plan). In the north there is the Simpang Lima Gumul 2-way wide enough and long, so often made wild races.

If a holiday monument was opened to the public and can go up to the top. If you want to hold a theatrical event in Kediri, Simpang Lima Gumul also the location of that right. National Jamboree VW is one of the latest big event in SLG. Often the contests in his d SLG eg coloring contest, drag race, etc..

Usually held last Kediri government arts and culture, the exhibition featured products Kediri.

This area also never empty of visitors in the evening by relaxing in the monument area or enjoy traditional cuisine at street vendors selling that line the Tugu Market area. On Saturday morning and mnggu region crowded by visitors are work-jogging track, recreation with family, and also enjoyed a bustling Saturday market on Sunday (monument). Designing the future, this area will include a hotel, mall, shopping, wholesale centers, and fitness products - superior products and souvenirs. While the monument area as soon used as a mini market, cafeteria hall, and the center of tourism and trade information.

As a tourist attraction Kediri regency which is currently still in the process of completion of construction. The appeal is given, among others:

The design and architecture are designed almost like the Arch D'Triomphe French, but rather highlighted the cultural arts district of Kediri
Diorama of the history of Kediri in the building
28 m high monument, 8 floors
Three roads underground tunnel to get to the monument
The position right in the middle and at the intersection of five trading center Kediri
Tourists can reach the bridge to see the beauty of the monument Kediri
Tourist Information and Service Centre Potential Kediri
There is a mini market, cafeteria, and a variety of souvenirs shop Kediri
lets check this out guys,...

so,.. what you think guys about this pictures,...
thats  really great right,..

well,.. i think thats all,.. do you like it?
okey guys what are you waiting for?
come and join up,...
visit to kediri and fell the great session here,...
kediri is everything,.. love kediri love indonesia,...
cheer you up fella mistery,..
lets coment than you wanna fell better than hahahaa,....
i love you fella mistery i love you indonesia,..
byee,.. see you next time ,...

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